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15 Longmead
EX35 6DQ

TEL: (+44) 01598 753573

COVID-19 Procedures and Measures 2021

  1. We will send you an email outlining how we will be complying with COVID-19 Guidelines for your protection and what procedures we will have in place.
  2. Only 3 of our 5 rooms will be open to aid social distancing in the house and dining room.
  3. Hand sanitiser in porch to be used before entering main building.
  4. Guests will find own way to designated rooms.
  5. Ventilation in all areas is maintained wherever possible.
  6. Remote controls will be in sealed covers.
  7. All breakfast items pre-ordered to allow buffet to be removed and time slots allocated to aid social distancing.
  8. Dedicated dining tables for duration of stay. Hand sanitiser to be used on entering dining room.
  9. Books, puzzles and games taken by guests will only be available to other guests after a 72 hour period of quarantine.
  10. No servicing rooms during stay. Replacements requested via text, email or voice call.
  11. Contactless payment options available.


  1. The number of items in rooms have been reduced to minimise transmission surfaces.
  2. Surfaces requiring special attention:
    • Switches, remote controls and clocks
    • All handles and knobs
    • All bathroom surfaces and bathroom dispensers
    • All hard surfaces within bedroom
  3. All the above will be cleaned by us wearing PPE, then disinfected between guest change overs.
  4. Rooms are throroughly ventilated between guests and we encourage guests to maintain some levels of ventilation during their stay.
  5. Hospitality trays and contents will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  6. All waste will be bagged in rooms before being removed for disposal.
  7. All hand rails, door handles and knobs will be frequently cleaned during each day.